Welcome and Greetings from Beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas!

Our mission at Joyously Balanced is to provide well-rounded, educational programs that help guide our community towards optimum health and wellness. From personalized instruction, counseling, and techniques, to group programs, lectures, and series classes, we’re committed to meeting people where they are in their lives and helping guide them towards an emerging awareness of their true life’s potential:

One of harmony between mind and body, one where we’re no longer relying on processed-food markets for survival, one where we’re free to continue in the traditions in which we evolved, one where we can choose to be happy and awaken to who and what we really are, one where we are able to cast off the limitations and control that modern life has inflicted upon us…one where we can finally choose for ourselves and begin our journey of healing!

We’re all really perpetual students of life, however we feel there is so much that we have learned and realized together in these last 10+ years together that it’s time to give back and show our support and appreciation for all that has been revealed to and for us.

In the spirit of giving back we’ll be offering as many free and low-cost programs as possible, as well as providing solid information here on our site as a good starting point on your wellness journey. There are of course accelerated programs and classes available throughout the year, and others coming to fruition over the coming year and beyond:

  • Personalized Nutritional Therapy Guidance and Counseling.
  • Restart Classes: Five Week Nutritional Education, Sugar Detox and Support Group.
  • Meditation – Private and Group Classes.
  • Lecture Series on a Variety of Wellness Topics.
  • Instructional Videos.
  • Cooking Demonstrations.
  • Life-Style Retreats and Master Courses.

Please take some time to look around and feel free to Contact Us today regarding our current or upcoming programs or classes.