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Go Ahead and Eat the Fats…Avoid the Sugar!

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Go Ahead and Eat the Fats…Avoid the Sugar!

As a morbidly obese high school student in the 80’s, I fell victim to the “no fat, low fat” craze. Which, over time, did nothing but trick me and my body into gaining even more weight, eventually peaking at nearly 400 pounds; This way of thinking stuck with me even while I lost over 200 pounds. If I were to be completely honest, I still have to remind my brain- washed self that it is ok to eat egg yolks and that red meat can actually be good for me. During my weight loss I kept my fat grams around 20 grams per day, preferably less, but up to 30 grams on a bad day. I also kept my carbohydrates less than 150 grams, which is why, in my opinion, my weight loss had been successful. With that said, I may have lost the weight, but as a result the damage from the foods that I had chosen altered my body forever.

What I didn’t understand then is that when the satiating fat is removed from a non food product it tastes bland and leaves the tastes buds unsatisfied. In order to make the products taste better sugar was substituted for flavor to make it more pleasurable, or at least tolerable to eat. It was actually the marketing genius and a man by the name of Ansel Keys, through “The Prudent Diet” known today as “The Diet Heart Hypothesis” convinced society that saturated fats were the reason for the rise in heart attacks in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The marketing which really ballooned in the 1970’s and 1980’s, prompted people to buy the no or low fat products that were loaded with sugars to add the flavor the satiating fat had naturally provided. Knowing full well that sugar is highly addictive, these marketing geniuses set out to hook the trusting person on the sugar drug. When addicted, people feel like it is their fault for gaining weight and being unhealthy, making them feel bad about themselves, nudging (urging, pushing, shoving) them to seek solace in sugary, highly addictive non foods to comfort themselves. Even though they are doing their best to keep the weight from piling on, the cycle repeats over and over again as the person on the non stop rollercoaster continues to gain weight and become increasingly unhealthy. Sadly, by listening to the marketing geniuses who have mislead us with lies, society has a skewed perception about fats.

I didn’t know for a long time what the difference between a healthy fat and a unhealthy fat was or that there was even a difference. I lived on low fat “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” spray margarine, non fat sour cream and Healthy Choice Devil’s Food cookies by the box (Hey, it’s low in fat and, ummm… it’s just one… box) In my coffee (which I drank all day, every day, like it was water) was Coffeemate low fat vanilla creamer with six Splenda packets… I sincerely thought I was doing myself a favor. Not one of these items I prized so highly are actually real food, rather they are formulations of chemicals made into something that resembles food. Frankenfood: my term used to describe genetically modified, reassembled molecules that could have been once a part of a real food made to look like any and all foods that we find in convenience, prepackaged “food like stuffs”. If you only knew…

When fats were the proverbial enemy, sugar was substituted to trick us into thinking that this “Frankenfood” packaged, non food source was “good for us” and would promote a healthy body. (Lies, Lies, Lies) Little did we know that a diet high in refined carbohydrates and low in fats and proteins would overburden our organs, (the pancreas, adrenal gland and liver), that are responsible for regulating our blood sugar. After a meal high in refined carbohydrates and low in fats and proteins, our digestive tract breakdowns the carbohydrates and turns them into sugar (glucose) which is used to make ATP to fuel our bodies. Fats and proteins can be turned into glucose, but in a different way and has little to no effect on our blood glucose levels. When glucose is in the blood stream it triggers the pancreas to produce insulin. Insulin is the hormone that carries glucose to the cells where it is used to produce energy in the form of ATP. When our body’s energy reserves are met, the remaining glucose in the bloodstream should be stored in the liver and muscles to be used later to form glycogen. However, once the glucose reserves in the liver and muscles are at capacity, the remaining glucose roaming the blood stream will be converted into triglycerides and stored as fat in adipose tissue.

Even though insulin is vital to fueling our bodies, research has proven that too much insulin secretion over a period of time can cause many very troubling, even life threatening health concerns. Obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, being the main ones, also bring with them their own set of health threats. Frequent consumption of high glycemic foods, on a daily basis, without a balance of fats and proteins, will result in an output of high insulin levels and high blood glucose, thus bringing with it many of the diseases we see around us everyday. Sadly many of us still believe that eating fat makes us fat and, as explained, sugar is the main culprit that is debilitating our society and leaving it burdened with our sick and afflicted bodies.

We now know that saturated fats from healthy animal sources are necessary for our body’s survival Our bodies need fatty acids to use as building blocks to rebuild tissue, create the cholesterol which our bodies use to synthesize hormones, and to convert fats to glucose, which by the way, is the energy source preferred by our brains. This is only a few of the critical uses of dietary fats our bodies need. If we did not have fats in our diet, our bodies would breakdown and deteriorate overtime, eventually it would give out and die a slow, miserable death. Does this sound like the body of someone you love?

Through all the low fat dogma and the completely biased opinion throughout the history of fats in our nation, it is being proven that if we go one step back beyond the invention of the Diet Heart Hypothesis we will discover that our ancestors, since the beginning of humanity, innately knew that saturated fats from animals is the most bio available form of fatty acids and are some of the healthiest and safest for our bodies. They facilitate the absorption of many vitamins and minerals that we then utilize for our body’s systems. If we consume a whole food, nutrient dense diet that is free from contaminants, one with real bio available sources of a variety of natural unprocessed foods, our bodies will return to what is optimal for us. We may not feel like we are 20 again, but we will be our empowered, ultimate selves.

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